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I am a huge believer in interdisciplinary climate work that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of academia, arts, cultural knowledge and experience. Having spent my life as an artist and my education studying ecology and environmental science, I think that it is crucial to communicate about the environment is as many different ways as possible. Below are some examples of collaborations that I have done with science and research organizations to create  artistic pieces and educational materials to communicate and engage people with their work.


Public mural created for science communication fellowship at the Center for Aerosol Impacts on the Chemistry of the Environment (CAICE), to communicate their aerosol chemistry research and highlight their innovative wave flume research facility. Installed in La Jolla, CA. 8' x 20', 2021.

Tufts Pollinator Initiative

Public mural created for the Tufts Pollinator Initiative, to highlight the species that visit their pollinator garden, in phenological order. Installed in Medford, MA. 3' x 40', 2022. Illustrations featuring keystone species, for a sticker campaign that brought native pollinator awareness to the campus, 2022. 

Fire Adapted Species

Illustration created for the Climate Science Alliance to highlight native fire-adapted species, for outreach and education  for the Stewardship Pathways Program. 2023. 

Educational infographic about fire-adapted species for environmental education project of the Climate Science Alliance

Temalpakh Plant Relatives Coloring Book

Created in collaboration with Climate Kids and the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians to teach youth about desert plant relatives, their adaptations, stories, and uses. 2023. More information available at

Sense of Place

Tufts University Thesis exploring how individuals and communities' sense of place is being impacted by climate change. Each image is a special place to a community member who was interviewed. Read full thesis, interviews, and research here 

RESILIENCE: the Faces of Coffee in a Changing Climate

Created in 2019 in collaboration with Professor Colin Orians at Tufts University, illustrating research about socioeconomic impact of climate change on Costa Rican coffee producers. Read more here